why perks and benefits matter

In today’s post-Covid-hiring market, companies have had to rethink the definition of “total compensation.”  Attracting and retaining talent has come at the cost of understanding the value of why perks and benefits matter on the grand scale of employee happiness. The perceived value of perks and benefits will look different for different individuals, but a harmonious work-life balance occurs when done correctly.

When thinking about attracting and retaining talent, it is time to think outside the box, possibly even up the ante with what you offer. Real-life, meaningful benefits include identity theft, family telehealth, prescription savings for you and your pets, and dental and vision programs. Close behind are leisure, dining out, entertainment, and wholesale travel access.

To drive this point across even more, in a recent study centered on employee happiness, more than 80% of employees wanted perks and benefits more than a salary increase. Helping employees create and live a lifestyle they genuinely enjoy is more than just a maxed-out paycheck.

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