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Providing Digital Technology Solutions

YCS® Group is a digital technology solutions enabler that provides local and national digital solution based strategies that drive consumer engagement, loyalty and revenue while lowering your customer acquisition costs. We provide digital consumer benefits fueled by our intellectual property and branded mobile platform iGiftback® as well as with white label relationships and other marketing services.

These digital technology solutions are customizable for businesses, organizations, professional fundraising institutions, alumni groups, and technology providers. YCS’ products complement and enhance these industries current set of market solutions with efficient proprietary technology solutions, retention tools, loyalty programs, revenue growth, data management and establishing/streamlining broader and more efficient communication technologies.

By establishing a strong connection into the marketplace with our suite of services and proprietary technologies, we are leading the way in digital consumer benefits within the intersection of three major industry segments:


Merchants, Customer and Employee Appreciation Programs, Transportation Industries, MLM, Direct Sales Organizations, Service Providers, Affinity, and Affiliate businesses models.


Educational Institutions, Fundraising Organizations, Nonprofit Organizations, Civic Organizations, and Alumni Organizations.

Technology Providers

Solutions providers to the Educational Industry, Affinity Industry, Fundraising Industry and the Loyalty Industry.

Mission Statement

Creating, Innovating, Deploying and Supporting technologies to decrease customer acquisition costs, foster loyalty and improve the customer experience of our clients using consumer friendly products and services.

Vision Statement

To provide an indispensable service in an untapped niche of the digital and mobile consumer benefits industry by meeting the current unfulfilled needs of our clients’ customers in multiple markets using innovative technology and delivery platforms.

YCS® Group’s intellectual property is currently being used with multiple organizations under white labeled customized platforms. For more information, call us at 816-569-0135 or email us at