The Benefit of Roadside Assistance
21 Apr

The Benefit of Roadside Assistance

The Benefit of Roadside Assistance   Regardless of the type of driver you may be, you can’t always plan for everything.  It is probably safe to assume that 90% of drivers have either run out of gas or locked their keys in the car at least one time in their... Read more →

What are Discounted Dental and Vision Plans
24 Mar

What are Discounted Dental and Vision Plans

What are Discounted Dental and Vision Plans   What are discounted dental and vision plans and how are they different from insurance?  Dental and vision insurance can be part of a comprehensive insurance package offered to an individual through their workplace or through private insurance.  So, what is discounted dental... Read more →

What Defines Coupon Redemption Motivation?
23 Feb

What Defines Coupon Redemption Motivation?

What Defines Coupon Redemption Motivation?   What defines coupon redemption motivation?  Believe it or not, there truly is a psychological piece that plays a part in influencing or motivating a person to redeem a coupon.  With that said, it is absurd to think that only 50% of people redeem deals... Read more →

Employee Retention
26 Jan

Employee Retention and Turnover Solutions

Employee Retention and Turnover Solutions   If you are looking for a step by step field guide or an employee retention for dummies manual, congratulations! You found the right blog; we know a thing or two about this topic. Here is the first lesson: employee retention is exciting, employee turnover…not... Read more →

Kansas City Holiday Traditions
11 Dec

Kansas City Holiday Traditions

Kansas City Holiday Traditions  Kansas Citians hold the key to unlocking the holiday spirit. Our history is rich in traditions like the iconic Plaza Lights or the whimsical theatre performances at MTH Theatre at Crown Center. It goes without saying that 2020 looks and feels different and the same goes... Read more →

A Successful Company Culture
23 Nov

The Differences Between Benefits and Perks

  A successful company culture with engaged employees can be recognized by a range of measurable outcomes if that is what you are looking for.  However, the workday is no longer defined or driven by a work whistle and the barest of wages, nor is it defined by brick and... Read more →

Do rewards Really Create Loyalty
9 Oct

Do Rewards Really Create Loyalty?

The loyalty effect of employees to employers is a direct correlation to retention, decreased turnover, and success of a business.  As an employer, you must constantly reimagine and implement new business strategies, growth and revenue opportunities, and most importantly how to motivate and keep your employees engaged.   Loyalty programs... Read more →

20 Jul

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth has been a viable form of healthcare for years; however, prior to the novel Covid-19 pandemic, a large percentage of Americans had not ever considered utilizing Telehealth services.  Providers and patients were scrambling during the initial Covid-19 quarantine to both give and receive essential health services, in turn, making... Read more →

Company Perks that Increase Loyalty
11 Jun

Company Perks That Increase Loyalty

  Three of the most important goals business owners strive to attain are customer loyalty, increased customer acquisition, and retention.  Definitely important, yet all too often, business owners forget one of the most important elements of success, creating loyal employees. Cultivating employee loyalty begins with understanding the emotions of your employees, and what their motivations... Read more →

11 May

COVID-19 Scams: What You Need to Know

A time of crisis can bring out the best of humanity. Unfortunately, it can also bring out the worst – scammers and con-artists. While most of the world is pulling together to protect our vulnerable citizens, swindlers are finding opportunities amid the disruption to exploit people through a variety of... Read more →

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