Why Creating a Seamless Member Experience Leads to Higher Engagement

We spend a lot of time thinking and talking about member satisfaction, how to personalize experiences, and of course, increase engagement. There is a lot of human-focused emotion behind what it means to create a seamless member experience with your group through all touchpoints. Generally speaking, when people have a positive, frictionless experience physically (customer service or sales) as well as digitally within a website or app, it becomes associated with a strong feeling of support and loyalty, and rightfully so.

We are talking more about members versus customers for this conversation, but the same concepts apply to both. Members are part of a larger group, such as a co-op, alums, or association, and the journey to becoming a member of a group begins with a single volitional choice to do so, making a great start to the relationship. The strategy of a seamless member experience should focus on loyalty with the end goal of future engagement; here are a few ideas.

  • Be User-Friendly: The interface should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and have little to no lag time. There are quite a few principles and golden rules of user interface and design, but in a nutshell, it should be comfortable to interact with and give members a sense of control.
  • Personalization: The organization that the member is a part of may be international, cross-country, or local. Whatever the case, a personalized experience makes members feel valued and understood. A sense of personal connection is created, leading to higher engagement.
  • Multichannel approach: A multichannel approach offers members a seamless member experience through their preferred channels, i.e., website, app, social media, or even in person.  People are creatures of habit, and allowing them to engage where they are most comfortable will streamline and simplify the registration and billing process if necessary.
  • Improvement: Regularly seeking feedback from members and then utilizing that feedback to improve the member experience makes members feel valued. Another critical piece of a seamless member experience is customer service support and prompt resolution of any issues. This will decrease frustration and encourage engagement.

The simple conclusion is that a seamless member experience leads to higher engagement. The goal is always to build stronger relationships with members, long-term loyalty, and improved retention. At YCS Group, we value the importance of member experience and can help you engage your members the right way.  Our patent-protected software can be white-labeled to fit your needs and fits in the golden rules of a user-friendly interface and design.

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