wholesale travel booing as a reward to your clients or members

Wholesale Travel Booking as a Reward to Your Clients or Members

Rewarding clients and members is essential for building loyalty. In general, personalized rewards that speak directly to the needs of your clients or members will keep them from jumping ship to the nearest competitor.  You may ask what a valuable reward looks like or how you know if you are offering enough. Providing wholesale and discounted travel is now one of the industry’s most valuable and sought-after benefits.

At one time, wholesale travel booking was unique to the travel agent industry. Travel agents would benefit from wholesale discounts when purchasing packages and not pass those discounts on to the average consumer. This, mixed with the new-age travel FOMO of social media, paved the path for wholesale travel to be a prized reward or added benefit.

Wholesale travel booking through our white-labeled platform looks like this:

  • Exclusive access travel booking engine with deals 10-60% lower than average
  • Deep discounted flights and car rentals
  • Access to a premier inventory of both U.S. and international hotels
  • VIP discounts at local restaurants and retailers
  • Customized branding white-labeled to suit your needs

The benefits of using wholesale travel as a reward to your clients or members are endless. Offering a reward that would otherwise be unattainable is priceless, not to mention it would skyrocket loyalty. YCS Group specializes in customizable rewards and benefits, including wholesale travel. Our software platform can be white-labeled to your business or group.

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