What Makes a successful perks program for employees and customers?

What Makes a Successful Perks Program for Employees and Customers?


At YCS Group, we love discussing what makes a successful perks program for employees and customers. This is because we offer exclusive, deeply discounted, and private access perks. Perks programs reward your employees and customers, making them feel appreciated and valued. Being a part of an environment, whether for work or as a customer, that makes you feel good is something we all want. So, what makes a successful perks program for employees and customers? Keep reading to find out!


Employees: For both the employer and employee, there have been some changes in recent years, both positive and negative. Trends have ebbed and flowed with the work culture and attitude, but the need to cultivate a positive environment has remained constant. A successful perks program for employees begins with understanding the employees’ immediate needs, possibly outside of the typical compensation package. We view perks as surprises or benefits, something they may not sign up for or purchase ordinarily. This could range from our exclusive travel and restaurant savings to our private access, telehealth, or identity protection. Perks are an excellent way to boost morale and motivate employees.


Customers: A successful perks program is based on giving customers more of what they love. Customers want to be a part of something they want to share across their social networks, showing positive perks they have received from their favorite places. This relationship creates loyalty and might count as word-of-mouth advertising, attracting new customers. Rewarding customers with perks that they will use, especially those that are private access only, makes a successful perks program.


If you want to add a successful perks program for your employees and customers, contact YCS Group! We can provide you with benefits, rewards, and perks to show your employees and customers how much you appreciate them. We have partnered with top brands to provide access to private discounts and corporate rates with everything from travel to auto care to health and dental savings.


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