Telehealth has been a viable form of healthcare for years; however, prior to the novel Covid-19 pandemic, a large percentage of Americans had not ever considered utilizing Telehealth services.  Providers and patients were scrambling during the initial Covid-19 quarantine to both give and receive essential health services, in turn, making Telehealth the only safe option.  Still not know what Telehealth is?  Keep reading for a brief introduction.


Telehealth has been widely utilized in more rural settings over the past decade, but will now occupy a $30 billion dollar corner of the healthcare market in 2020 according to the CDC.  Why?  It is accessible.  95% of Americans own a smartphone or device of some kind and have become accustomed to the convenience of life in the palm of their hand.  Telehealth fits this on-demand lifestyle.


Telehealth is easiest defined as the transformation of health care with the use of technology to connect licensed healthcare providers to patients for non-life-threatening conditions.  Technology has brought Telehealth to life.  Services can look like: live video conferencing for non-life-threatening illness, remote patient monitoring for issues like high blood pressure or prescription refills, and mobile health apps to help people on track.  


Telehealth is convenient and accessible.  Provides 24/7 care with a licensed care provider both domestically and internationally.  Yet, most importantly, Telehealth limits potential infectious exposures.


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