Using a Retention Platform to Manage Your Member Experience


Using a retention platform to manage your member experience can be a valuable strategy for any business or organization. These platforms can enhance your customer’s or member’s experience and give you data across every touchpoint to further provide personalized and positive engagement.


If you want to break down the cost of loyalty vs. attrition vs. churn, all budget signs point to loyalty. It is hard work earning the choice of the customer or member to do business with you or join your organization, so why risk losing them with a bad member experience? Most often, it takes only one negative experience for the consumer or member’s confidence to be lost.


This is where utilizing retention platform software comes in handy. The expectations of the customer or member are convenience, connection, and personalization. Retention software allows a seamless introduction, including preferred communication, preferred rewards, and, most importantly, feedback. By tracking this data, you can create and replicate the positive outcomes and identify and rectify the bad member experiences.


Retention software will also assist you in keeping track of the most loyal customers or members. Keeping them engaged by providing benefits or rewards you know they will enjoy will boost loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth marketing. The spotlight should be focused on positive customer service.


There are different types of retention software with varying features that can help you improve. This software should integrate seamlessly with other systems you use, i.e., payment processing. Customer relationship management (CRM) software will track and manage interactions across every touchpoint, optimizing their experience. Quality assurance (QA) software helps you manage your customer service. Finally, customer feedback software keeps you connected to your customer or member.


Implementing a retention platform to manage your member experience will ultimately boost your organization’s or business’s success. YCS Group offers a unique retention platform that can be white-labeled to fit your needs. Why wait? Contact us now @

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