January 2018 has come and gone and by this time, 80% of financial New Year’s resolutions have too, which actually isn’t too much of a surprise as only a mere 8% of resolutions are successful.  Saving money on life is in style this year and savvy budget living has never looked better.


Consumer spending often decreases during the first quarter, holiday expenses have settled in and that yearly review of actual living expenses have become a reality.  It can be quite a shock to realize how much you actually spend on dining out, travel, or other life necessities like prescriptions or vehicle/home maintenance. The following examples are averages and will vary according to income, location, and age.


  • Consumers eat out 4.5 x’s per week for lunch at $12.00 and/or dinner at $36.00.  This equates to roughly $3,000 annually depending on where in the country you are located, (census.gov).
  • Consumers spend $1,200 per person for travel per year or $4,800 for a family of four, (forbes.com)
  • Vehicle ownership and maintenance for a Medium Sedan is estimated around $8,171 and $7,600 for a small SUV, (aaa.com).
  • Consumers spend an average of $486 annually on prescription costs, not including other healthcare expenditures, (bls.gov).
  • Based on a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumers spend on average $1,200 to $2,500 per year for entertainment, (bls.gov).


The average household income and cost of living is undoubtedly a variable; however, despite your income earnings, it’s the non-budgeted little things that take the largest chunk out of your income. Savvy budget living does not mean you have to eliminate fun or grow your own food, it just means becoming a smarter consumer by spending less on the things you enjoy.


The smartphone has returned the power to the consumer.  You can price shop, purchase, sell, or heck, even apply for a home mortgage all with a swipe of a finger.  Consumers across all demographics appreciate being engaged by merchants, finding the most lucrative discounts and being rewarded for their loyalty. So, how do these consumers still live the life they want while being savvy?  They download mobile applications.


There are more apps than are worth counting that offer savings, rewards or discounts.  One app that is in style and is the essence of savvy budget living is, iGiftback™.  iGiftback™ is a unique mobile app that complements any demographic with savings and rewards for Entertainment, Travel, Prescriptions, Insurance, and Retail to name a few…real life savings for real life necessities.  Be afraid to live on a dreaded budget; don’t be afraid to live on a savvy budget. Download iGiftback™, available for both Android and iOS.


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