Pizza versus money for an employee reward…crazy, right?  Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University didn’t think so.  Ariely’s focus on understanding human motivation led him to complete a study in 2016 with a sample population of assembly line workers fabricating computer chips.  He found that employees favored receiving a voucher for free pizza as a reward for increased productivity over a positive text compliment from their boss or a $30 cash bonus.  While the pizza voucher was the number one initial motivator, receiving a compliment from a boss was a close second in producing long term increased productivity.  Interesting enough, those that opted to receive the cash bonus were less productive over the course of the study.


Now, we are not suggesting to start dolling out large pizzas on a daily basis or as year end bonuses, but what we are saying is that human motivation is complex.  Creating a positive workplace culture that produces loyalty and longevity for your employees is not a cookie cutter recipe.  An energetic, motivated atmosphere begins at the top and when genuine will create an uplifting atmosphere for all employees.   


What it comes down to is, communication.  The best tool in creating a positive culture is to ask your employees what motivates them and then follow through!  Without diving into the psychology or theory behind motivation and rewards, knowing that employees like to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work is the foundation of a great company.  


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