Pizza vs Rewards Programs for Employees
20 Sep

Pizza vs Rewards Programs for Employees

Pizza versus money for an employee reward…crazy, right?  Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University didn’t think so.  Ariely’s focus on understanding human motivation led him to complete a study in 2016 with a sample population of assembly line workers fabricating computer chips.  He found that... Read more →

What are social media influencers?
2 Aug

What Are Social Media Influencers?

In the past decade, social media has become a fundamental activity of daily living, often shaping people’s emotions, behaviors and decisions. The social media effect combines an individuals desire to be accepted and to be liked. The positive benefits on a person’s subconscious is somewhere between relaxation and euphoria when... Read more →

Does Social Media Increase Sales?
12 Jul

Does Social Media Increase Sales?

A decade ago, social media was like a rocket ship and if you haven’t gotten on by now, it’s time. At it’s roots, social media was meant to purely connect people but now it’s blossomed into its own world.  Social media’s multiple platforms have created virtual communities for just about... Read more →

mobile friendly
1 May

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Mobile has transformed how the world sees itself; how people interact, shop, and how they learn.   Mobile usage is multi-dimensional and fulfills more than just convenience for the average user.  Mobile users are no different from PC users when it comes to online searches; they expect quick downloads, easing... Read more →

Mystery behind youth soccer
3 Apr

The Mystery Behind Youth Soccer

Elite vs academy; club vs recreational; division three vs division four; year round vs seasonal; club fees vs family vacation.  Sound familiar?  The outdoor spring soccer season is in full swing in Kansas City, regardless of the frigid temperatures. There are droves of parents that brave the cold temperatures and... Read more →

savvy budget living
21 Feb

Savvy Budget Living

January 2018 has come and gone and by this time, 80% of financial New Year’s resolutions have too, which actually isn’t too much of a surprise as only a mere 8% of resolutions are successful.  Saving money on life is in style this year and savvy budget living has never... Read more →

Savings Consumers Value The Most
8 Jan

Savings Consumers Value the Most

Creating a lifelong customer for your business or brand is every company’s goal.  The opportunity for retailers and businesses to build rapport with both new and loyal customers is anchored by the customers perceived product value before price or cost.  This article seeks to help you explore the science behind... Read more →

Generation Z & Mobile Rewards
30 Oct

Generation Z and Mobile Savings

Generation Z and mobile savings go together like spicy wings and an ice cold beer; perfect. Why? Because the Gen Z’ers were born in the age of the internet and do not remember a time before smartphones existed. According to, it is estimated that 96% of the Gen Z’ers... Read more →

telehealth benefits
13 Sep

Telehealth: Benefits and Savings

Technology impacts daily lives across all demographics and generations, with its benefits often outweighing the risks.  Nearly three-quarters of Americans own a smartphone and are tuned in 24/7 to the digital world of news, convenience, savings, social connections, and now healthcare.  Telehealth and/or telemedicine allows access to healthcare with a... Read more →

mobile deal redemption
30 Jun

Mobile Deal Redemption Statistics

Over the past decade, smartphones have evolved the human consumer to become constantly engaged in the world; this includes news, work, and social media outlets.  Marketing campaigns are focusing more on using mobile ads and coupons as the tool to increase traffic and sales vs. print or other media. There... Read more →