Mobile Website VS Mobile Apps; Which is used more?

Mobile Website vs. Mobile Apps: Which is Used More?


Consumers have spoken loud and clear that their device of choice is their mobile phone vs. their desktop. Websites must be mobile responsive, that’s a given, but now the question to ponder is whether or not you need a mobile app to be successful. This post will briefly discuss mobile websites vs. mobile apps and which is used more.


People have become dependent on mobile devices to stay connected to the world. eMarketer estimated in 2022 that adults spent an average of 4+ hours on mobile internet, with 88% of that time within an app. It is safe to assume that 2023 and beyond will trend the same, and mobile apps will continue to be used more than mobile websites but don’t count out mobile websites completely. Let’s break it down why.


Mobile Apps are pre-packaged environments for your brand where developers can control the experience. Generally speaking, mobile apps are intuitive and developed to be user-friendly, offer convenient functions, and are responsive to smartphone touchscreens. Mobile apps keep consumers’ attention with higher engagement times and conversion rates vs. mobile websites. Retail mobile apps rarely encourage you to click on an affiliated link to shop elsewhere (unless it’s a sponsored post). 


Does this mean that in 2023 and beyond that, mobile websites will cease to exist? That answer is no. With 4.32 billion active mobile internet users, enjoying the best of both worlds is the most effective strategy. However, the key is a mobile-responsive website compatible with all devices through a web browser. This is especially the case in the world of E-commerce. Mobile responsive websites can be considered the business storefront without potential customers being required to download an app. 


The story’s moral is that people are really into mobile apps, but limiting your brand or business to only a mobile app is unnecessary. Utilizing the right technology, you can maintain a mobile app and a mobile website and not break the bank. Need help? YCS Group can conveniently help you do both, ensuring you stay relevant in both mobile worlds.


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