Mobile App Trends 2023

Mobile App Trends for 2023

Think back to 2020 and the flood of mobile apps for both iOs and OS platforms. For obvious reasons, the world has become dependent on mobile apps for entertainment, healthcare, and on-demand services. Technology has learned a lot since then, and mobile app trends for 2023 are busting down the gates.

Before understanding mobile app trends for 2023, it is important to touch briefly on the development market. Android is the leading mobile operating system worldwide, controlling 71.8% of the market share, while iOS is around 27.6 % of the mobile operating system market share (SOURCE). The development processes are unique to the platform they are created for and can be costly if you don’t go with the correct developers. Market revenue generation should be considered when planning your development budget. ‘The Statista Digital Market Outlook estimates that revenue across most mobile app segments will increase over the next few years and reach around 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025’ (SOURCE).

Current Mobile App Trends for 2023

5G Technology: This digital revolution will increase speed, and connectivity, enhancing real-time results for all GPS-based mobile apps.

A.R. & V.R. Technology: At one time, both A.R. and V.R. technology was only for entertainment, improving the end user’s experience. However, developers are now beginning to integrate these technologies for special effects, mixed reality and further enhance the experience.

Wearable Devices:  The number of smartwatch users is estimated to reach 231.3 million by 2026 (SOURCE). The demand for mobile apps that function with wearable devices will only continue to grow.

Blockchain Technology: Security is at the top of mind for all developers because there is considerable risk with all mobile apps. Integrating blockchain technology into all app development will become a priority.

Virtual Assistant: Everyone needs an assistant in today’s fast-paced environment and desires to get answers immediately. Virtual assistant technology will be integrated into mobile scheduling, healthcare, learning, and other on-demand apps.

The end goal of current mobile app trends for 2023 is to enhance and improve the end users’ lives. 5G speed, improved security, and a wearable personal assistant are only the beginning of what this year has to offer. Contact YCS Group to continue to learn about the latest technology trends and how we can help you leverage them.

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