Member discounts on telehealth services

Member Discounts on Telehealth Services

Member discounts on telehealth services are just the start of their amazing benefits. The convenience of telehealth services has highlighted the advantages of providing it as a value-added benefit for members of groups and associations. The evolution of technology now brings specialists, mental health treatment, and even primary care to the fingertips of members who may not seek care without it.

In summary, telehealth delivers clinical health services using information and communication technology to bridge the gap between provider and consumer. Telehealth, as a whole, has reduced the total cost of healthcare to the average consumer by up to 10% per episode or visit. What does this look like for your members?

    • Continuity of care, i.e., decreased no-shows or cancellation of appointments for medically necessary treatment. According to a recent study of behavioral health, “We saw many more farmers getting behavioral health services during COVID that didn’t before. When we talked to them, they were brutally honest, “There’s no way in heck I’m going into a building that says behavioral health, but if I can do it on my iPad at home, I’m okay doing it (SOURCE).”
    • Savings that range from $75 to $250 per visit.
    • Flexibility with 24/7 access for medical conditions that are suitable for telehealth.
    • Prescription savings on most brand-name and generic prescription drugs.

Providing your members with access to affordable health care through telehealth services and prescriptions will reduce the financial burden of rising healthcare costs. Besides being the right thing to do, offering telehealth services as a member benefit can increase loyalty, drive member engagement, and lower the costs of acquiring new members. YCS® Group specializes in digital consumer benefits through our platform, which can be white-labeled to fit your needs.

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