Maintain engagement with young donors

How to Maintain Engagement With Young Donors

When many nonprofit organizations seek donors to support their causes, they often neglect young people because they may not always have the resources to contribute. However, young people are more passionate than ever about organizations that align with their values and want to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships. Understanding how to maintain engagement with young donors will help you ensure life-long membership by leveraging social media channels and engagement online.

Defining Young Donors

Gen Z is the generation born from the late 1990s to the early 2010s (1997-2012). They are the first generation to have grown up with constant access to the Internet and digital technology, making them highly connected in the vast world of social media. Gen Z embraces individuality and prioritizes social causes.

Millennials are defined as the generation born between the early 1980s and late 1990s (1981-1996). They are socially conscious and grew up alongside technology as it evolved.

Social Media Usage

Both generations are digital natives and tech-savvy, but they have different preferences for social media platforms. Alongside social media, websites and email remain effective ways to engage young donors.

Gen Z prefers video and visual-driven platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Millennials are more active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Engagement Tips

  • Mobile-responsive website design: This is a no-brainer. The majority of people browse websites from their mobile devices. If your website is easy to navigate via cell phone, you will retain the opportunity to capture the attention of young donors.
  • Include a donate online option: Alongside a mobile-friendly website design, the option to donate online will increase the contributions from younger donors.
  • Social media presence: Regular updates, posts, and, most importantly, videos that showcase the latest information, fundraising efforts, and the importance of young donors being part of your organization will directly appeal to visually oriented Gen Z and Millennials.
  • Volunteer opportunities: Young donors want to connect with organizations with which they share values. Providing opportunities to volunteer will help create long-term relationships.

The next generation of donors is innovative, tech-savvy, and willing to advocate as well as give. Speaking their tech language means understanding each platform’s unique behaviors and nuances to create content that resonates with and engages each demographic. Young donors are the next generation of philanthropy. Contact YCS Group to help invest in and maintain engagement with young donors.

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