Loyalty and retention are the end result that all businesses strive for, whether it is from consumers or from employees.  It seems simple, yet, achieving loyalty, comes with the commitment to be innovative, savvy, and realistic. The truth of the matter is that everyone loves to feel valued, and a reward or benefit is a great way to accomplish this. Offering digital consumer benefits is an effective way to stand out from the competition.  Keep reading to discover what are digital consumer benefits.


Customer loyalty is what stabilizes a company’s foundation; without it, a business can be fragile.   New behaviors and expectations evolved from customers at the start of the digital revolution.  Smartphones opened the doors for 24/7 communication, information, and social connection.  Digital consumer benefits are a creative way to engage with your customers, letting them know you care about them; however, offering digital consumer benefits only work if they are relative, realistic, and easy to access.


Providing digital consumer benefits also means providing convenience, and most of the time that means offering the benefit through a mobile app.  Approximately 25% of mobile users have 31+ apps installed on their smartphones at any given time, (statista.com).  In short, apps are easy to download; but also, easy to erase.  The whole point of offering digital consumer benefits is to be visible to your customers and not to be erased.


How do you provide digital consumer benefits? You have come to the right place. At YCS Group, we know how to make you visible and keep you there.  Our robust loyalty and retention platform can be suited to fit your company’s unique needs.  We are the industry leaders in providing exclusive white labeled/private branded digital rewards and benefits.


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