digital benefits programs : what works and what doesn't

Digital Benefits Programs: What Works and What Doesn’t


Employers or groups can offer employees or members digital benefits programs to expand their total compensation package or simply as an added value. Here’s what works and what doesn’t.

By offering an exclusive digital benefits program, your organization can differentiate itself, attract top talent, and boost overall employee/member satisfaction. These programs, which encompass both insurance and non-insurance products, can be purchased by employees or members through their employer or co-op at a discounted rate. This unique feature allows individuals to tailor their benefits package to their needs, enhancing their satisfaction at a minimal cost.

What are digital benefits, and how do they work?

Digital benefits programs are typically provided through a digital platform to employees or members. Unlike traditional benefits, these are voluntary and can include prescription, dental, vision, identity theft, exclusive travel deals, and even pet insurance. These benefits are effective because they enhance employee and member well-being. They can help cover the gaps in health insurance and offer real-life savings.

What doesn’t work?

Employees and members highly value benefits as they make them feel appreciated and valued by their employers or groups. However, when these benefits turn out to be merely a gimmick, they may hurt the employees and members, leading them to question whether they are getting anything in return for their hard work, continuous efforts, or membership. Over the past decade, there has been a growing interest in employee and member satisfaction. Offering digital benefits is considered a positive value-add; however, one-size-fits-all plans are not entirely successful. It’s essential to have a framework that can be adapted based on feedback from employees or members.

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