Design your loyalty program with data in mind

Design Your Loyalty Program With Data in Mind 


In-house loyalty programs are becoming more popular as businesses aim to secure loyal customers or members and gather first-party data. Designing your loyalty program with data in mind can help you stay top of mind with customers for several reasons. Let’s take a closer look.


Direct Approach Marketing:

For years, third-party cookies have given businesses access to their consumer’s information, catapulting the online digital advertising space into a $600 billion industry. User privacy concerns prompted Apple, Google, and Mozilla (Firefox) to phase out third-party cookies; in Q3 of 2024, Google plans to phase out cookies for 100% of Chrome users. As a result, loyalty programs can be used to drive loyalty and gain insight into customer behavior. By taking a mindful approach to designing your loyalty programs, data can help you better identify and understand how to personalize the rewards.


Building Relationships:

Loyalty programs are an effective way for businesses to foster loyalty and maintain customer communication. A well-executed loyalty program can create a mutually beneficial relationship wherein customers provide basic information like their name, email, and zip code in exchange for timely push notifications or rewards. Companies can also create subscription-based tiered programs to provide added benefits to loyal customers or members.


The emergence of AI and other technologies will undoubtedly cause significant changes in the digital advertising landscape in the near future. User privacy is a top priority, so actual relationships between customers and members must be established. Are you looking to update or design your loyalty program with data in mind? YCS Group is your answer. We are the number one loyalty program solution provider.


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