Mobile has transformed how the world sees itself; how people interact, shop, and how they learn.   Mobile usage is multi-dimensional and fulfills more than just convenience for the average user.  Mobile users are no different from PC users when it comes to online searches; they expect quick downloads, easing browsing, and effortless transactions and it’s these mobile moments that can and will shape how a mobile user views your business.


According to Google, mobile online activity surpassed desktop activity in 2015, with mobile traffic accounting for 30% of online activity (eMarketer).  In March of 2018, mobile activity accounted for more than 50% of online activity in comparison to desktop at 44%, (  Bottom line, mobile online activity will only continue to increase, making the mobile website experience invaluable.


Websites that are Mobile Friendly are just that, friendly to mobile devices.  Users are able to view the same website on both desktop and their mobile device.  By now, mobile friendly websites should be the baseline for website development.  However, time management of this type of website can be time consuming because some functions or images do not load correctly or work as designed on a mobile device.


Mobile Optimized Websites are designed to adapt to mobile devices. They should function seamlessly with navigation, transactions and have increased sensitivity with touchpoint and data input.


 Responsive Website Design is a website format that responds and customizes to any type of device it is being viewed on.  Responsive websites are flexible so that functions on a desktop mirror those on a mobile device or tablet.  Investing in a responsive website design will keep your business from falling behind.


Operating with a mobile friendly website or better is essential to success in today’s world of instant gratification.  As a business, Do you really know how your website functions?  When is the last time you have searched your website from your mobile device?  Was it a good experience?  If these are questions that you do not have answers to, it may be time to review your current design.


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