a 4th of July holiday created with YCS group software

A 4th of July Holiday Created Using YCS Group Software


Are your employees, customers, or members planning a trip for the 4th of July holiday? Our all-in-one rewards and loyalty platform makes them feel secure and well-prepared for their holiday.


Travel and Dining Savings: Traveling to Washington, D.C., to experience the 4th of July is on a bucket list. YCS Group software provides access to exclusive wholesale travel through our booking engine. Exclusive pricing for hotels, flights, and rental cars may be the difference between staying close to the action and being stuck in traffic to get there. Additional benefits include priority boarding, seat or vehicle upgrades, and free checked bags.


Roadside Assistance: Best case scenario: you saved money on a car rental. Worst case scenario: you drove through a construction zone and picked up a nail in your tire. The comfort of knowing that YCS Group software also provides roadside assistance that can be accessed when it’s needed most.


Telehealth and RX Savings:  Let’s face it: healthcare isn’t always accessible in times of need. Our telehealth program makes virtual healthcare readily available through the convenient 24/7 physician network. Rest assured, you’re covered when traveling domestically or internationally.


Identity Theft Protection: The most crucial benefit of our software is identity theft protection. We offer robust, comprehensive identity protection, giving you peace of mind to enjoy the holiday.



YCS Group ® wishes you a very happy 4th of July and a day full of fun as we celebrate our nation’s birthday. Happy Independence Day!

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